The Posy Co. is a local Sunshine Coast business, employing local Sunshine-y people.

We are not an order gatherer or wire service.

What’s an order gatherer?

The floral industries understanding of an order gatherer is essentially any company that has a website and pretends to be a local florist. 

Basically, it’s a service that exists purely to gather orders, then pass them onto a local florist and keep a cut in the middle there!

When you order from an order gatherer, that local florist (we don’t participate in this) is given an “ingredients list” to make your arrangement.

Usually these florists are paid so little to make the arrangement, that it never really ends up looking like the picture you’ve purchased on their website.

A local florist, like The Posy Co. (who, just to clarify is not an order gatherer) employs creative artists to lovingly create beautiful arrangements for you.

So, support your local florist.

Even if that’s not The Posy Co 😉